The Science of Tapping

Emotional Freedom Techniques aka EFT, tapping, is evidenced based. There are over 100 controlled double blind studies published in peer reviewed journals. The one fly in the ointment the last 26 years since Gary Craig created EFT in 1993 has been the lack of evidence that EFT is helpful. EFT is considered a complimentary alternative treatment in medicine and psychology. After many years of painstaking research data shows the efficiency of EFT and the effects on the brain to lower cortisol and calm the amygdala. This podcast shows a short video from The Science of Tapping documentary. I encourage everyone including doctors, psychotherapists, teachers, life coaches and lay people to subscribe to

Addendum: I made an incorrect statement. There are 40 randomized controlled trials for EFT, not 100. You can find them all at:

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